The Bhairabi Temple in Assam: A Sanctuary of Spiritual Power and Cultural Significance

bhairabi temple

The Bhairabi Temple is named after its main deity, Goddess Bhairabi, who is located in the rural village Mantradi, and is situated on the outskirts of Tezpur in the Sonitpur district of Assam. around time, Bhairabi has established itself as a significant Shakti Peetha, drawing daily visitors from all around Odisha and northern Andhra Pradesh.

The temple boasts grand celebrations during Navratri and Durga Puja, where festivities unfold in splendid proportions. To journey to the temple:

  • By Road: Bhairabi Temple is conveniently accessible by road from any corner of Assam, with taxis, autos, and buses facilitating easy travel.
  • By Train: Amgurai and Tezpur stand as the nearest railway stations.
  • By Air: The nearby Salonibari Airport in Tezpur and the more distant Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati (165 km away from Tezpur) offer air travel options.

The Bhairabi Temple lies in proximity to the Bharali River.

This place of worship celebrates Goddess Bhairavi since she is one of the beloved Mahavidyas of Goddess Durga. The temple’s panoramic view of the Brahmaputra River and the Kolia Bhomora Setu highlights its significance as a Shakti Peetha in Assam.

This temple, which is also known locally as Bhairabi Devalaya, retains the myth of Usha, the terrifying demon king Banasur’s daughter, who used to visit this holy place to worship Devi. In the neighborhood, Bamuni Hills House has the traces of an old palace that was ornamented with 9th-century stone sculptures.
The 400-year-old Bhairabi temple has gradually tipping probably as a result of previous earthquakes that also harmed the neighboring structure, destroying pillars and unstable the roof. Then daily prayers and spiritual practices were for a moment put on hold.

History Of Bhairabi Temple

The temple is owned by the Borthakur family of Tezpur and is overseen by the government through the District Deputy Commissioner’s office (Shri Dilip Borthakur, Shri Barenya Ranjan Barthakur, and Shri Aditya Prakash Barthakur). Here, frequent sacrifices of goats, ducks, pigeons, and other animals still take place. This temple celebrates Durga Puja in a most magnificent manner.

From the access road, a steep stairway up to the elevated temple site must be climbed in order to get to the temple. Ghee lamps, treats, fruits, and other offerings for prayers and blessings are available for purchase at many places. This area offers spiritual benefits in addition to its natural charms. As a Siddhapeetha, the temple serves as a venue where followers of Maa Bhairabi can pray and ask for her blessings.

The Ideal Time to Visit Bhairabi Temple

The Bhairabi Temple attracts a lot of people. Goddess Bhairavi devotees regularly visit this ancient shrine. The weather is nice all year round at the temple because it is situated in a mountainous area. For this reason, visiting Bhairabi Temple is suitable throughout the year.

Be Careful In Bhairabi Temple

By going to the Bhairabi Temple during Navaratri and Diwali, you may create memories that will last a lifetime. These celebrations are eagerly anticipated by the residents.

Reach Bhairabi Temple

There are three methods to get to Tezpur City: via road, train, and air. Numerous planes, wide gauge railroads, and buses operated by the state are available across Assam. It is therefore simple to get to Tezpur. Salonibari Airport is the closest airport.

Place of fame close to Bhairabi Temple

  1. Kamakhya Temple: An iconic Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya, renowned for its unique architecture and religious importance.
  2. Umananda Island: A scenic river island on the Brahmaputra, home to the Umananda Temple and offering captivating views of the surroundings.
  3. Assam State Museum: Showcasing the cultural heritage of Assam, this museum features artifacts, manuscripts, and sculptures.
  4. Navagraha Temple: A temple devoted to the nine celestial bodies, attracting devotees seeking astrological blessings.
  5. Guwahati Zoo: A wildlife conservation center featuring a diverse range of flora and fauna, providing both educational and entertaining experiences.

Exploring these nearby attractions can enhance your overall visit to Bhairabi Temple, providing a comprehensive experience of the cultural and natural wonders in the region.

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